Landscape Trees

Digging Season
The safest times to transplant trees are in the spring and fall. In the middle of summer, trees are adding new growth and digging them during this stage of their lives results in water loss that can stress or kill the trees. For this reason, we have a split digging season.
  • Spring: We start digging trees as soon as the ground thaws and continue until trees start to add new growth. This digging season lasts only a few weeks and usually starts in late April or early May.
  • End of Summer / Fall: We resume digging in August after the new growth has hardened off and stop once the ground begins to freeze near the end of October.
Deciduous trees (birch and maple) are exclusively dug in the spring. Conifers are dug in the spring and fall.
We work hard to provide customers with excellent trees at excellent prices. Most of our trees are priced by height. Very large trees will have pricing that accounts for the special machinery and supplies needed to dig trees this size. Trees are balled and burlapped. Most customers pick up their trees at the farm, but delivery options can be provided upon request. Please contact us or visit us for information regarding other tree pricing and availability.
Tree Types
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