McClure's Tree Nursery was started in 1970 by Howell and Linda McClure. For over 50 years our family owned and operated business has been selling landscape and Christmas trees to happy customers all over the state of Maine.
Our goal is to provide you with quality trees at the lowest possible price. We are a tree farm, not just a nursery. All of the trees you buy from us have been grown right here in Maine. Buying directly from a farm like us gives you fresh trees, great selection, and low prices because there is no middle man!
Best Practices
In 50+ years, we've tried a lot of different things, and learned how to do things the right way.
  • All the trees at McClure's Tree Nursery are grown locally. Why is that important? If you live near Kingfield, you know that this is one of the coldest places to live in Maine. Only the hardiest trees can survive on our farm, so if they're healthy here, then they can live almost anywhere else in the state.
  • Trees are root-pruned which keeps them from growing a single tap root to rely on. Root pruning helps trees develop a lot of feeder roots that make the tree recover faster and establish itself sooner once it has been transplanted.
  • Our trees are grown slowly, with limited amounts of fertilizer. Some businesses over fertilize their trees to speed up growth rates, but this causes trees to develop long, thin branches which become droopy. By using the right amount of fertilizer, our trees grow thick and sturdy.
We've been in the business a long time, so if you don't know which trees you want for your project, that's alright. We'll help you determine which trees are right for your project, whether you want a privacy screen, shade trees, ornamental trees, etc. We'll help you in matching species to your soil type, long-term objectives, and in making sure your tree will live long and healthy.
Hours of Operation
Open late April to December 24th. Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Days open are variable. Call Adam at 207-520-8603 to arrange a time to visit the farm.
Payment Methods
Cash & Checks.
Professional Affiliations
  • Maine Christmas Tree Association
  • National Christmas Tree Association
  • Maine Landscape & Nursery Association (MELNA)
  • New England Nursery Association
How to find us
We are located 1.3 miles from the center of Kingfield on Route 142.
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